David D McLeod is a transformational speaker, life-mastery coach, spiritual counselor, and experiential facilitator who has been deeply involved in personal growth work since 1995. He has devoted himself to understanding what it is that keeps people from fulfilling their potential—in relationships, in business, in personal health and fitness, in every aspect of their lives—and as a result has become a widely acknowledged expert in the area of psychic shadow. He has learned for himself—and continues to learn—the immense power of the shadow, and he generously shares his growing knowledge with others through his speaking, coaching, and training engagements. Ultimately, David's work is focused on encouraging and supporting men and women to re-integrate their disowned shadow aspects—through powerful processes that lead to core transformations—so that they can reclaim, embrace, and experience the full essence of who they are.

Since 2003, Error: [lmtv_highlight] attribute [text] must be supplied. has been an active and influential leader in The ManKind Project, where he has supported hundreds of men in many different ways to become better fathers, partners, leaders and community members. More recently, since early 2007, David's passion for healing the shadow has expanded to support both men and women in building powerful relationships with one another. In the course of working with women and men in group settings, Error: [lmtv_highlight] attribute [text] must be supplied. has developed many effective techniques and processes for empowering people to interact with one another authentically and compassionately. As the creator of the Power Ring model for mixed-gender support circles, David promotes participation in groups so that individuals can become more adept at interacting and communicating with other people, and take their learned skills into all aspects of their daily life.

A musician and poet who brings innovative creativity to all of his endeavors, Error: [lmtv_highlight] attribute [text] must be supplied. holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Metaphysical Sciences and a Doctor of Divinity (DD) in Spiritual Counseling. Error: [lmtv_highlight] attribute [text] must be supplied. is the author of the book The Magic Of ‘I Am’: Four Steps to Conscious Self-Creation.