What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is essentially a methodology for enabling individual and group coaching clients to achieve powerful and long-lasting results by getting their own answers from within. [ddm_davidDMcLeod] uses facilitation techniques in all his coaching and teaching interactions because he believes that people are more likely to embrace something that comes from their own experience, rather than from “advice” or “teaching” that comes from someone else. While there are many dictionary definitions available, [ddm_david] bases all his techniques upon the following definition:

[titled_box title=”Facilitation” variation=”teal”]noun.

The art of creating and conducting a process in which participants uncover deep, abiding and resonant truths about themselves and their environment, so that they can live richer, more fulfilling lives.


There are several key points to notice about this definition.

[dropcap4 variation=”teal”]1[/dropcap4] FACILITATION IS AN ART. While there are certainly specific skills and metrics that can be employed in the facilitation process, facilitation is not an exact science, and requires a fair bit of reliance on intuition.
[dropcap4 variation=”teal”]2[/dropcap4] THE FACILITATOR IS THE PROCESS EXPERT. The facilitator is much like the Director on a movie set. The director knows exactly how s/he wants the creative process to go, but s/he relies on the actors to bring forth the truth of their performances in order to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.
[dropcap4 variation=”teal”]3[/dropcap4] THE PARTICIPANT IS THE CONTENT EXPERT. In the movie metaphor, the participant is much like the Actor, who knows all the lines and exactly how to deliver them. The participant brings the movie to life, and the participant is the one person in the production who determines exactly what happens in the final result.
[dropcap4 variation=”teal”]4[/dropcap4] THE PARTICIPANT DISCOVERS AND LEARNS. The whole purpose of the facilitation process is to help the participant connect to a deeper truth about himself/herself so that s/he can begin to live life in a more fulfilling and purpose-aligned way.
[dropcap4 variation=”teal”]5[/dropcap4] THE PARTICIPANT GROWS AND LIFE IMPROVES. By learning about himself/herself, the participant is better equipped to take full responsibility and make choices that enhance life and lead to greater fulfillment.

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