Life Mastery Coaches are people who help others to transcend their limitations and master their lives so that they can experience the full expression of who they are and thus achieve fulfillment. There are many such people on the planet today—although they may not all refer to themselves with that title—and their numbers are steadily growing. Since there is no-one who has actually mastered all of life (as we know it), this means that in reality, true life mastery can only occur if we help each other to grow and evolve—that is, in a very real sense, everyone on the planet is a life mastery coach. This is a core belief behind all of David D McLeod's work.

As a coach, Error: [lmtv_highlight] attribute [text] must be supplied. is a consummate professional. While he is certainly capable of providing guidance and giving advice when he is asked (and excellent guidance and advice at that!), Error: [lmtv_highlight] attribute [text] must be supplied. generally opts for a different approach. He believes that we are all connected to the same source of knowledge and wisdom, that we have all the answers we need within us—and therefore we don’t really need anyone to point the way or to tell us what to do. Instead, he makes extensive use of authentically curious questions to help his clients find their own answers. To find out more about David's coaching programs, please visit his dedicated coaching website: