Selected Testimonials
Life Mastery TV

I have either watched live or watched the recordings of all the Life Mastery programs, and I find them to be thought-provoking and fun. These episodes have helped me to open up to other ways of thinking about life experiences and how we react to them. You can feel that David & Tommy are sharing from their own experiences, with understanding of what we put ourselves through and with great empathy.

Sara JaneFounder, Gift of Healing TVUK

Two really great and caring people—their webinars explore the emotional and stress issues that afflict so many of us nowadays—these guys are David & Tommy.
Their webinars, which anyone can register for at no cost, are insightful and help a host of folks. Not just people with serious emotional problems but others like me. I consider myself as a pretty together person and can state that watching David and Tommy has helped me a lot. We all lose our way, or our perspective on gets skewed, so we need something that nudges us back on the right track.
Watching David and Tommy discuss and elaborate on aspects of life that bother or confuse people has certainly opened my mind.
I urge you to register and watch their next webinar, at the every least you’ll find it entertaining and enlightening, and it may even give you the tools to “fix” something that’s been bothering you!

Bernard Elliott-SmithWalker Technique TherapistUK

I appreciate the opportunity to participate with your Life Mastery TV webinars. I find your approach to the discussions to be very helpful and useful with looking more deeply at the root causes of feelings, emotions and life experiences. I really appreciate all the “use it now” info and practical applications you both provide the participants. With only 30 minutes of webinar time, the discussions are truly packed with useful and truthful information and I sense your enthusiasm throughout all discussions. Both of your teaching styles are incredibly effective, and I am certainly looking forward to future webinars with you!

Eric NegherbonOwner, Carbon Lite RacingUSA

I was at a point in my life where all that I knew and was doing for my personal growth work was not getting me to the point that I wanted to be—I felt stuck. In being introduced to and in talking with David McLeod, I received a glimmer of hope from the way he stood empowered in his body. I was deeply touched by David’s intuitive facilitative nature. He was connected to me and allowed me to go where I needed to take my growth work. He was able to safely and smoothly guide me through my processes to discover the nuggets of gold that were deep inside me all along. As I know personal growth is a lifetime process, I am grateful to the gifts that David helped me discover from within myself. I am continually amazed at how simple, yet deep, the work is that David does. Through working with David, I have learned to recognize my own shadows, and they no longer run my life. It is through this awareness that I am ever closer to my goal—an empowered authentic individual!

Megan M.TeacherUSA

David is a very loving coach who always makes it safe enough for me to go as deeply as I need to go. He has helped me to get in touch with deep shadows that have held me back in a lot of ways in my life, and what I learned was that these shadows were actually trying to protect me and keep me safe. Thanks to the work I’ve done with David, these shadows have definitely released their grip on me, and I now find myself much more able to speak and live my truth on a day-to-day basis.

C. StrongExecutive AssistantUSA

David is highly skilled in the process of assisting (simultaneously guiding and following) a client to step into his/her past, where the wounds of the past are limiting them in the present. He does not need to know in advance what or where the issue is, because he uses questions and invitations to help the person doing the work to explore that in real time. At each turn, David asks questions, and his next question is based on the previous answer—it is like a guided meditation, only better because the guide is seeing the road with me, and as I discover new data, we jointly decide where to go next. It truly is a journey—into my own self and my own past—to safely find where the patterns of today originated, and then decide what I want to do about them once they are found. Way better than therapy!

Dave M.Software ManagerUSA

David is a master facilitator. When I’ve worked with him, he’s always provided a safe container, carefully reiterated the premise under which we do work to create safety and well-being, and then created processes out of his vast tool chest of experience in order to help people re-script the deep dilemmas they are becoming conscious of as they attempt to heal themselves and change their lives. Working with David has transformed me each time I’ve approached a dilemma and I respect and trust him to help me and others do our most important personal work.

Mary HodderBusiness OwnerUSA

My first experience working with David was truly amazing, as he created a safe place for me to explore sides of myself I have never explored and let go of. Through the process, I chose to give it my all and showed up 100% for myself and the others participating with me. David truly has a gift in working with people in getting to the root of it all and being there step by step as I walked through my fears with confidence. I then left feeling lighter, empowered, confident, and loved. 🙂 I highly recommend this experience to anyone, as it shifted my views of life by helping me to deal with my own stuff and to be able to show up for others. 🙂

Alexis LoveDayhome Provider/Life CoachCanada

The GROW training was a refresher to enhance interpersonal skills, creativity, collegiality and communication. All of the activities were well thought out and planned to fit two full days. This workshop went way beyond my expectations! David and his team did a great job! Many kudos and thanks for organizing.

Bhupesh NemumSenior QA EngineerUSA

I loved David’s Shadow Healing and Integration Facilitation Training Workshop.
I received so much. I learned the foundation and basics of shadow healing and integration processes and how to facilitate them. I gained confidence to facilitate. I had several opportunities to do work myself and facilitate others with David’s excellent mentoring. My work was especially powerful and healing for me. The training was magical.
David is an excellent educator; his knowledge, wisdom and loving guidance are top notch. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in shadow healing and integration, whether s/he wants to improve facilitation skills, or heal & grow, or even is just curious what this is about. I came away with greater facilitation skills and confidence and, as if by magic, greater self understanding and acceptance.

Stefan Schmitz, PhDSr. Software EngineerUSA

David is an absolutely amazing facilitator. Our group was relatively small, but we all had extremely powerful and healing experiences. In my process I locked in on some key issues around my dad, and around self-worthiness, and I was fully in touch with my inner warrior energy.

I have been part of circles like this one before, but David has put his own unique twist on it, making it even better than the ones I experienced before. He is an absolute pro and I highly recommend his processes. Thanks David!

Wes SwitzerIT ProfessionalCanada

The GROW training was a refresher to enhance interpersonal skills, creativity, collegiality and communication. All of the activities were well thought out and planned to fit two full days. This workshop went way beyond my expectations! David and his team did a great job! Many kudos and thanks for organizing.

Bhupesh NemumSenior QA EngineerUSA
Couples Clearing

My partner and I had been working through issues related to living together and the judgments and resentments that naturally come up as two people come closer together. David created a safe container for open, honest, direct communication. David took time to make each of us feel comfortable. Guiding us through each process, David skillfully brought us toward deeper awareness of our authentic selves and helped us find the language to communicate from that level of awareness. Real intimacy comes, I believe, from expressing my authentic self and hearing my partner express her authenticity. David helped us achieve that.

Michael AndrewsTechnical WriterUSA

My sweetheart and I were “walking on eggshells” and didn’t know how to get back on solid footing. David’s gentle but unwavering guidance helped us move through potentially volatile issues with clarity and relative comfort. Since our session with him, our relationship has been much more relaxed, and I feel a great amount of growth has taken place. We are better able to communicate, and I feel like we understand each other better. Having a calm and focused mediator allowed us to explore sensitive topics in a safe and structured framework. I would recommend David to assist anybody having trouble in this tremendously important aspect of life.


My sweetheart and I were having some communication issues. I had met David at a men’s group and thought that he could help me communicate better and also be heard. David got the two of us talking and hearing each other. Within 20 minutes I had found my sweetheart again. I busted through all of the crap that had been keeping me from really seeing her.
I watched as she started seeing me again. Listening to her and finding out what she was really feeling—not just saying—was very eye-opening for me.
Now when things start to go off the rails instead of assuming she knows how I feel, I tell her and she listens. I feel much more in balance with her and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.
Thanks David!

Jeffrey BackesSoftware EngineerUSA
Magic of "I Am"

I’m very grateful for the Daily Affirmation program because of the instant uplifting of my mood that just happens automatically. Each day now, I find myself keen to open the affirmation for the day ahead, so that I can benefit from its impact for the whole day!

Anne DicksonHolistic TherapistUK

David McLeod’s daily affirmations remind me to refocus my attention on values that are precious to me, when my daily routine distracts me into a slew of to do’s of faux importance.


David’s Magic of I Am affirmations are a great way for me to get centered and focused each day. I love the range of where they take me and also challenge me. In addition to the affirmations, I also get a video message each week that takes me even deeper into the message and the meaning it has for me. I am so grateful for this program, because it has been a great guide into higher awareness. To top it all off, the emails and the website are so easy to get and connect through. I’m going to tell people about this site—I know they’ll love it!!

Robert EvansBusiness OwnerUSA
Facilitator Training

David’s SHIFT training allowed me to take my facilitation of shadow processes to the next level, and I have already incorporated elements into my work with clients.
David broke the processes down into easy-to-follow steps, and coupled this with clear explanation of the theory behind them. This supported me stepping through my fear of “not getting it right” and entering the practice sessions with more confidence.
David’s power, love and passion shone through the entire weekend, making it a safe and exciting container in which to learn about myself as well as about process facilitation.

Dan CraftLife CoachUSA

After attending David’s SHIFT training, I now have not only a clear understanding of what these processes are, but also first-hand experience facilitating others using these processes. The workshop packed a ton of information into a very short time frame, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it, thanks to David’s skill as a teacher, along with a great mix of theory, examples and practice sessions. The practice sessions were much more than canned exercises. Instead they were real sessions—workshop attendees doing deep transformative work facilitated by other attendees, always under David’s watchful eye. It’s clear to me that this is the only way to really learn this material and David’s workshop provided a unique opportunity to do just that.

John CoffinEngineerUSA

The SHIFT workshop with David was very professional and powerful. I have learned very useful tools for going deep into the psychological make-up of a being, and bring light over unconscious aspects that are ruling one’s life and behaviors. The knowledge presented was extremely useful, and David showed in a very clear way how to apply it and run a process that brings at the end healing and transformation. I am now much more confident in my skills, and ready to facilitate.

Iulian DamianCNAUSA